PRESS Superstrings 2015

Press Release 2015 (English)  //  Press Release 2015 (Danish)

Video Press Release (English) // Video Press Release (English)

Interview with Code Elektro (English)  //  Interview med Code Elektro (Danish)

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- David J Rodger (English): "Music for Cyberpunks"

- Gaffa (Danish) "Space Travel Electronica"

- Dirty Sound Disco (Danish): "The Unofficial TRON Soundtrack"

- The 93th Bait Shop (Italian): "Really amazing work"

- Ghost FM (English): "Lengthy endurance of goosebumps"

- Flächenklang (German): "Powerful sounds, catchy sequencer lines and clear melodies"

- This-Is-Cool (English): "Essential listening for any sci-fi fan!"

- Synergomatique (English): "Superstrings and Cyberdreams"

- Synthetix Spotlight (RADIO): "Fantastic Cyberpunk sound and feel!"

- Nordic Music Review (English): "Impressive album!"

- Klangwelt (German): "Klassisch & modern!"

- Turntables of Terror (English): "mesmerizing meld of digital and analog synths"



- Tanzgemainschaft, Interview "Cyberpunk he calls it. We really like it"

- Neon Vice, Interview: "Synthwave Vinyl from Denmark"

- Brutal Resonance, Interview/Review: "Glorious work"

- Vehlinggo, Interview/Review: "The New Face of Big Synth Scores"

- Future Rocker, Interview: "Soundtrack to a future past"

- Sound of Aarhus, Interview: "But when darkness falls and the night comes closer..."



- GAFFA AWARD: Best Danish Electronic Album 2015 (Nominated)



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