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Code Elektro - TRIADS (September 29th 2017)




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Release September 29th 2017.



Released June 2016

"WOLF" is 180 gram, gatefold and mastered to NORDIC DYNAMIC specs for better dynamics and sound

From Nordic Music Review: "An imaginative, original album which is absorbing, persuasive and brilliantly conceived"


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LP Vinyl 12" (incl. download codes)

Cover by Jon Gotlev

Code Elektro - "WOLF" is supported by KODA and DMFF



Released March 2015

"SUPERSTRINGS" was nominated for a GAFFA AWARD for BEST ELECTRONIC RELEASE 2015 in Denmark

Turntables of Terror wrote: "A mesmerizing meld of digital/analog synths and taps into the ongoing 21st trend for evocative atmospheric music"

This is the second press of Superstrings. The first was black vinyl (sold out). These are Purple/Black and White Black splatters vinyl.


Price: 22,99€/$24.99/169Dkr +Shipping

Payment: Paypal/Stripe/Card

Shipping: Worldwide

LP Vinyl 12" (incl. download codes)

Cover by Kilian Eng / Niclas Mortensen



Superstrings BACK COVER


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Get the album WOLF (2016) or Superstrings (2015) on download / stream here:

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- NORDIC DYNAMIC (Special mastering with more dynamics and sound quality - wave 96khz, 24bit).


Code Elektro - "WOLF" is supported by KODA and DMFF




Code elektro - Music for cyperpunks!

Code Elektro is an electronic synthwave artist from Denmark. The music is characterized by the use of analog and digital synths - arpeggiators and sound design. It could sound like something from a modern Blade Runner, Stranger Things or TRON.

March 23rd 2015 Code Elektro released the critically acclaimed debut album, SUPERSTRINGS, on Iceberg Records (vinyl and digital). The album has been nominated for a GAFFA AWARD for Best Danish Electronic Album 2015. Also the track "Cyber Dreams" was used for a PUMA commercial.

The cover design for Superstrings were created by Niclas Mortensen (logo) and Kilian Eng (illustration). Kilian Eng is very well known graphics artist with a special interest in Sci-fi and surrealism.


A year later, June 3rd 2016, Code Elektro released the album: "WOLF". The new album is a concept album, which mixes themes such as technology, the future and the role of man in relation to nature. Each track on the record describe a feeling or action - and all of the tracks describe an adventure. From the initiation ritual in the wolf den, to the Scandinavian nature, storm, darkness of the night, the city lights - and to the final transformation.

The album, "WOLF", was nominated for a GAFFA Award for Best Danish Electronic Release 2016.

Artwork by Jon Gotlev (Lis er stille, NoHeroes).


September 29th 2017 Code Elektro releases "TRIADS".

The title “TRIADS” has two meanings:

  1. A triad is a group of three, and this is album number three
  2. Triads can also mean Asian crime syndicates originating from China in the 18th century. The album has an Asian concept throughout the album.

Just like the other albums we are still in the Cyberpunk realm -  but this time the album has an Asian flavor.

John Bergin has designed the album cover (Stranger Things, DRIVE, Mr. Robot)


The new album, TRIADS, were really well received with 5 stars in the music magazine GAFFA - and it went no.1 on the Danish iTunes Electronic Album Chart at the release. It also debuted in the top20 on the Danish Vinyl Chart.





Code Elektro has partnered with Nordic Dynamic and Peter Lyngdorf (HifiKlubben) about sound quality and dynamics. The vinyl version - and a special Nordic Dynamic version – both have more dynamics and better sound quality, which otherwise is not possible on traditional platforms such as iTunes, Spotify and TIDAL. This allows for "Wolf" and "TRIADS" to have a form of natural texture and extra musical depth - although the sound universe is very electronically.

Photo credit: Mads Dam

Photo credit: Mads Dam


Code Elektro is Martin - and Martin is a huge fan of science fiction and cyberpunk – so he has been working on this album in between projects for a few years. With sonic references like Blade Runner, John Carpenter, Daft Punk, S U R V I V E, among others Code Elektro's main focus is trying to create lots of images in the head of the listener – from drama to suspense to beautiful atmospheres.

As much as Code Elektro is an artistic outlet for Martin, it is also a fan project from one Sci-Fi fan to others.


Record Company: Iceberg Records A/S - Publishing: Iceberg Publishing A/S

Code Elektro was GAFFA AWARD NOMINATED for Best Danish Electronic Release 2015 and 2016

Code Elektro was GAFFA AWARD NOMINATED for Best Danish Electronic Release 2015 and 2016



Code Elektro - Sound of Cyberpunk. A short clip about how I work.

A sneak peak from the studio. This is from the final mastering session this weekend.




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